Sunday, November 28, 2010

Xan: Going overboard...

The Jews have their Xanukah (read: Chanukah), the Christians have their Xmas (Xanmas).  Liz has Shark Week, which I thoroughly approve of, even despite the fact that it isn't a deliberate homage to me.  In fact I think it should be more of a Ramadan-length affair.  I guess then a case could be made for calling it Shark Weex, or even Sharx Weex.  Which would be glorious.

In any case, Liz does not constrain her celebration of sharx to 1 week of the year like everyone else.  And would you know, this year Thanksgiving also happened to be her birthday.  So, we decided to take things into dangerous territory.  We went overboard, and you just won't believe what we found there...

Aren't those the balloons we just gave the birthday girl?  Hey...where'd she go? 
Don't worry, we brought ourselves a shark cage.  Now, at some point in your life, you have probably observed the mild humor in the fact that a "shark cage" is actually a cage for people.  Well, at XCKD Enterprises, things are different.  At XCKD Enterprises, our cages are for sharks.  At XCKD Enterprises, we have black belts* in topology**, so we know that by stepping into the cage and simply declaring ourselves to be on the outside, we can catch all the sharks in the world.  And you know what, that's exactly what we did.  And as a bonus, in the process we also netted ourselves some schools of swedish fish!  Who knew applied math*** could be so delicious?
Liz has now extinguished as many fires in our apartment as Tammy has started.

Happy birthday, Liz.

*But please, understand this in the modern karate sense of "black belt."  Remember that there are puntable 6-year-old children walking around with black belts these days.  It is hardly the universal standard of awesomeness it once was.
**remember, we both wrote our theses on topology.  Mine was titled "Nonrealizable Automorphisms of Complete Bipartite Sharks."
***Take that, Trevor.  Don't tell me I never get my hands dirty.

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