Friday, November 12, 2010

Vegetarian Burritos

I made this recipe on Saturday, from my 'Easy Hot and Spicy' cookbook that I recently got at Waterstones. The first time I made it, it was incredibly delicious. This time, it didn't go quite so well.

There are several key components in this burrito. One is the tomato sauce. You put a can of tomatoes in, with some tomato puree and fried up peppers, and then season it with chili powder. I put a little too much puree in, and the chili powder couldn't make up for the odd taste. When I did it right, though, it had this lovely earthy taste to it, which was delicious.

The salsa is especially interesting, with tomato, red onion, mint, chili, and lime juice. The mint is delicious--not what you'd expect!

I tried it with and without sour cream. Sour cream and creme fraiche aren't really my thing, and I definitely prefer it without. But it is a nice flavor accent for those who do enjoy that substance.

The only things I've missed out in this description are the refried beans and freshly chopped coriander!

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