Monday, November 15, 2010

Linden's unexciting breakfast wrap

Dear Family,

I don't understand why sometimes I open this blog up after two days absence and there are five new foodphotos from different people, and sometimes I open it up and there is nothing but my recently deceased cookies staring sadly back at me. I am getting better at remembering to photograph my food though - tonight, I remembered as I almost finished eating.

I am in the process of preparing for something sort of exciting (although it will probably have to wait until Thursday or Friday night), but it means that the fridge is sort of full of my food, and in fear of my roommate's wrath I decided I had better use up some leftovers. Thus, I had scrambled eggs with green beans and onion (and salt and pepper and chili powder) in a wrap with some cheddar cheese, which was then heated up until it was crispy instead of stale.

Because that is rather high on cheeeese (which I admittedly enjoy, but also make me sleepy and unproductive), I rounded it out with an apple and a pear. (I had some help with the pear.)

Family, I have realised two things: (1) cooking every night takes a lot of spare creativity (2) nonstick pans are god. (I have neither creativity to spare, nor a nonstick pan. But I shall soldier on!)

ps - a sidenote: there are these things called labels which make life better later on. consider it!


  1. I have added both a search bar and a label list to the sidebar.

  2. wictory!

    I hear your household is trying to steal my lasagna recipe. I find it coincides suspiciously with the development of this blog.

  3. OK mr chekhov.

    Go hang a salami, I'm a lasagna hog?

    Did I ever tell you about this crossword with Palin-dromes? The entries were something like:
    ["I took a quick trip back to Alaska, but..."]