Sunday, November 14, 2010

Linden's last cookies

Last weekend I mixed up a batch of oatmeal chocolate chip cookies and froze some of the dough for a rainy day. (A metaphorical rainy day - otherwise they would not have lasted a week in the freezer. I have been given a song by a British musician entitled, "Why does it always rain on me" and the answer is not that he lied when he was seventeen, but simply that he lives in Scotland. And for the technically challenged among us, if you click on the name of that song it will take you to youtube where you can hear this song for yourself.)

No, the real reason was that Chris was a bit nervous about doing his radio show, so I baked them as pregame distraction. Unfortunately, this means that there were only four left when I went to photograph them last night.

(When I take them off the sheet I flip them upside down to help them retain their chips. This is because my oven is temperamental and I haven't worked out the proper cookie heat yet. Especially for frozen dough.)

Post radio-show, Chris repaid the favor by bringing home a tin of Cadbury Roses (because they were, alas, shockingly out of Quality Streets at 11pm on a Saturday) for me and Tina. I had a caramel swirl.

You will all be surprised to hear that I am not gaining weight.

Last night I also made dinner - penne with tomato sauce, zucchini (I am resisting the Britishizing pressure to call them courgettes, you see) and Italian chicken - but I forgot to photograph it. So you will only get to see the sad leftovers that make up my lunch today.

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