Saturday, November 13, 2010


From Paul:

Left overs week. This is pretty much what we've been eating since fleeing from Bed Bug City. I had cooked a massive batch of pork chops, chicken, onions, apples, and an asparagus, peppers, and mushroom medley for the trip so that's what we've been working on. The squash is a butternut that has so much meat, it makes me suspicious of whether it was not so much grown as decanted. In the background is a small hubbard I found in Indiana -it's on deck. Even though it was small, at first it did not look like I was going to be allowed to bring it home, but then Mama found a couple of hummingbird feeders on the seasonal clearance shelves. Oh, the pesto was left behind by Linden a few weeks ago. Phew! -glad I remembered that.

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