Thursday, November 25, 2010

Linden's Thanksgiving

I expect that sometime in the next day or two Xan will be putting up quite a lot of pictures. Sadly, I have nothing to show for myself, because it is 7th week and I am getting ready to do an interview (which I'm sure you've all heard about, except maybe Papa, because sometimes we like to protect him from the unpleasant truths of reality). And so, I am doing nothing for Thanksgiving except being incredibly thankful to my friends, who did this for me:

(There is a story behind the cornmeal. Perhaps I will tell you it when I use the cornmeal!) Just in case this isn't awesome enough on its own, some of the gingerbread men were decorated as Special Characters from America's Past:

As you can see, we have a red-coat, a turkey, and Abraham Lincoln.

Admittedly, this post has absolutely no cooking in it (unless you count decorating the gingerbread men) but I am wiggling the rules on this one, because examples of the food I've been eating the last few days, which mostly consists of toast-with-something-on-it are not really worth putting up here. However! I am wiggling the rules a little today, because it is Thanksgiving.

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