Tuesday, November 16, 2010

Linden's banana bread bonanza

Dear family, normally I don't bake during the week because I have like, classwork and stuff, and baking is a bit gratuitous. But I had some very ripe bananas to eat up, and I can only eat so many bananas, and the situation was getting brown and spotty. Baking needed to be done. The only alternative was to go out and buy some rum, and that would have probably taken longer.

This turned out surprisingly well, although there were no walnuts in the store over the weekend so it is sadly unnutty.

This is Erica's secret recipe which I am not allowed to share with the world or I think with my family, but which is very delicious. (In the best tradition of our friendship, I had to threaten to withhold my pumpkin muffin recipe and also throw a nintendo controller at her face in order to get it out of her.)

Does anyone have good tricks for cutting breads? Other than, you know, using a bread knife? The loaf keeps trying to dissociate when I cut it.

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