Friday, November 12, 2010

Pecan Pie

This is the last quarter of the pecan pie I made with my friend Cassie on Sunday evening. I'll admit, it doesn't look too appetizing, and of course we couldn't wait hours for it to solidify after we made it, so our first slices made all the goo run.

Pecan pie was always delicious, but I'm not recommending this one. I made it out of Joy of Cooking, and I think that it was just too sickly sweet. I'm probably better off sticking with an already converted recipe. I especially didn't like the pat-in crust. It was very easy, which was great, but it had too much salt and the texture was just too flaky. I need a good pie crust recipe!

Still, I had another slice last night (I'm rationing it out, because I gave half the pie to Cassie, since she made it while I cooked our dinner), and it was very delicious. Minus the burnt crust at the end.

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