Friday, December 3, 2010

Linden's Late Carrot Cake

My cooking habits have devolved in the last two weeks, in that I couldn't make the effort or take the time to cook fancy dinners or fancy cupcakes full of food coloring. I also haven't taken the time to post here, because I am Disciplined and don't procrastinate papers by doing things on the Intramanets. So belatedly, last weekend I made carrot cake (mostly because I needed to use up some carrots). Because of my sadly low-tech kitchen, this involved shredding carrots and nutmeg by hand (which resulted in a wonderful-smelling kitchen and orange tilted hands), and whipping icing by hand (so even though I have been remiss in doing all of my wrist exercises, they are still getting a bit of a workout).

(My strategy is to take advantage of the fact that I live sandwiched between a graveyard and the Magdalen deer park, and include them in my pictures of cakes cooling on windowsills. That in the background would be the long wall that goes around the deer park. Also in the deer park at the moment are huge balls of mistletoe in trees, which is awesome.)

So the main problem with carrot cake is that the icing recipes expect you to want to eat about half the icing sans cake, or put an inch of icing on the whole thing. I compromised by putting half an inch on, licking my fingers, and then putting the remaining the icing in the fridge and planning on doing another carrot cake this weekend. However! The good thing about it is that you get to feel slightly virtuous, because it is full of goodness, like carrots and walnuts.

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