Monday, December 6, 2010

Linden's potatoes au gratin

Last night, instead of doing my statistics assignment, I made dinner. It looked like this.

It tasted okay, although if anyone has any tips on the chicken, they would be welcome!

The potatoes are potatoes au gratin, which loosely translated means potatoes that smell like cheese, and are made, unsurprisingly given the name, with potatoes and cheese, and a bit of milk thrown in for good measure. The chicken was salted, peppered, thymed, and floured, then cooked in a bit of oil, which spattered everywhere and I had to protect myself with a frying pan. It reminded me of that time Papa fought a bear with a tin bowl. The veggies were all I had, and were cooked a la Vongsathorn, which translates as to the wagons!.

I had the leftovers today for lunch.


  1. Lin, I cannot tell what you did from the pictures, but I suggest butterflying or completely cutting the chicken breasts in half. Then you could either leave them like that or pound them a little thinner.

    I like to do that because it makes them cook a lot faster and also the interior of chicken breasts is unflavorful and tends to get dry when cooked the usual way, so increasing the surface area to volume ratio will make it a lot tastier. Also some people may only want half a chicken breast anyways.

    you might try basil. and bread crumbs instead of flour would be nice, if you have any. (or just leave the flour/bread crumbs out completely). you can cook them in olive oil and then splash some balsamic vinegar on once both sides are browned.

  2. I did completely cut them in half! I think I maybe just need one of those oil splashguards like Mama has. Cynthia has one as well, and David is always making her use it so he doesn't have to clean the stovetop.

    You must not heat the oil enough to make olive oil smoke?