Saturday, December 18, 2010

Linden: Emptying the Pantry, Part One

I have been shamefully remiss in posting up my food adventures here, but so has everyone else. Last night, though, I was on my own for the first time in ages, and I made myself a little feast. I have a bit of a problem in that when I went shopping two weeks ago, I didn't realize I would be spending four days in London and Brighton, and thus bought more food than I can really eat in this time period. So I am eating cooked meals for every meal from now until I leave, in the hopes that all my onions and potatoes and sweet potatoes and garlic and vegetables can get consumed.

Last night, I was working on potatoes and the green beans that froze in my fridge. (Our fridge is currently having some temperature confusion, but we are working through it.)

I did potato wedges, with just a bit of salt and pepper (and some olive oil), put in the oven at around 400F for around 30 minutes, flipped halfway through. (Just in case anyone in the family doesn't yet know how to make potato wedges.) Because of the sad shape of the green beans, I popped them in some boiling water, and then put a little balsamic vinegar and pepper on them. And then I pan-cooked some paprika-coated chicken with lots of garlic, put it all on a plate, and watched tv while I ate it. Delicious!

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