Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Xan: Squishity Squash

The butternut squashes were all gouged and dented and misshapen.  Thus was I nudged into buying my first acorn squash.  I found a youtube recipe and the results were excellent!

Unfortunately, Catherine does not like squishy-textured vegetables, although I have previously won her over to sweet potatoes and butternut squash by sufficiently crispying them.  But acorn squash seems to be softer.  Does anyone have any advice here?

I mean, how could you say no to this?  She ate the heart, begrudgingly.

I learned from the youtube lady that you can eat the skin, which is crispy.  By the way, can someone educate me on the edibility of different squashy skins?

In any case, I enjoyed my squash with pasta:

I actually liked this better than the carnitas.  That's how good it was.  Do you realize the magnitude of that endorsement?!?  Well technically there was some leftover carnita meat in the pasta.  But mostly it was the squash.

As you can see, my writing style devolves as the hour latens, and the marathon isn't even finished!  Current level: high school. (shudders)

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