Wednesday, October 31, 2012

Grandma: No Knead Monkey Bread!

From Grandma: "...a photo of the monkey bread I just baked and is now almost gone!"

Looks delicious!

Yes, monkey bread does have a way of disappearing, bit by bit, by bit...

She continues: "I did find the batter a bit runny though.  Do you think the humidity here has anything to do with this?  Next time I shall increase the flour.  Correct?  Anyway a delicious and easy snack.  Thank you for the recipe."

I don't know about the effect of humidity, but yes, I would add more flour if it is too runny.  Flour is tricky to get right, since the volume can vary so much depending on how packed it is.  The best solution is to weigh it, but most recipes don't have flour amounts by weight, so often we must rely on our intuitions.  That said, no knead breads (of which this is an example) tend to have much wetter doughs than a normal bread.  Even so, this dough needs to be firmer than a typical no knead bread because you have to form it into little balls instead of just plopping it into the oven.

This is a follow-up to my previous monkey bread post, which means Vongsafood is doing its job!  May we continue to share our foods and recipes with each other, though we may be separated by many thousands of miles.

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