Saturday, October 13, 2012

Xan: Iceland and England (Part 7): Punting!

I know I am getting further and further behind, so this will probably be my last Iceland/England post.  We need to cover Oxford with Kathleen, and then we have at least something of everything.

The first thing I did upon arriving in England was to patronize this piratical purveyor of pasties:

Yes please!
The first thing Catherine did was cream tea:

We also went punting:

Here's me doing a fine job...

...and Catherine making friends with a tree...

(close friends!)
Our goal was the Victoria Arms where we had Pimms & Lemonade at Kathleen's insistence:

We also went to the Turf Tavern...

...and an amazing Greek restaurant where I had lamb shoulder, among other things:

Finally, here are some Morris dancers!

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