Friday, March 25, 2011

Linden's Quiche

I have been fixin to make a quiche for a long time - weeks, in fact. Bacon was on sale at the grocery story a few weeks ago, and I bought a load of it. Then there were these eggs that were hanging around in my fridge, waiting to be used, and this butter saying, "use me, use me, I am space consuming!", and a block of gruyere. And I thought, right, clearly, quiche is in order. Unfortunately, in my life I am surrounded (here and at home, at everywhere!) by egg haters, milk haters, meat haters, all kinds of haters. Which means that when I make quiche, I always end up eating most of it. Which is okay! Especially because it can pass for breakfast, lunch or dinner.

But for this reason it got delayed and delayed until this weekend when I said, "right. This butter needs to go. These eggs need to go. This milk needs to go. I want fridge space again!" (For you see, my flat has a tiny fridge shared by four of us. I get about 1.5 square feet of fridge real-estate and things that hang around for weeks make me antsy.) Of course, I promptly filled up my fridge with vegetables, so now it is even more cramped in there, but such is life.

Sadly, on my bespoken quiche day, I had a bit of a life crisis in the morning but a very productive afternoon, so as dinnertime loomed, I kept working instead of stopping to quiche up the kitchen. Which is why it is slightly undercooked, as you see:

But still delicious! This quiche has bacon (although bacon here tends towards Canadian bacon, which is unsurprising given the Canadian's brown-nosing habits), zucchini (here they call it courgette, because they never really got over that 1066 debacle, personally I think they should call it the freedom vegetable), asparagus and gruyere (cheeeeese).

Aside from the crust, the making of quiche is very simple. You cook up all your individual ingredients, put them in the par-baked crust, and then pour a mixture of eggs and milk (or, you know, cream) on top and stick it in the oven for half an hour. Actually, I had some left over that wouldn't fit in the crust, so I just did an additional little crustless quiche. Fairly quick, fairly healthy, especially if you subscribe to the Linden school of quiches, which says, No Cream, and delicious! (I believe it's basically the same as Xan's egg contraptions, except the milk makes it less cakey.)

Thus, my dinner the next night was potato wedges, asparagus, and crustless quiche.

The quiche was the last in a long detour into making unhealthy things that were low on vegetables (sadly, I forgot to photograph the curry puffs I made a few weeks ago, which were squarely in the middle of this detour). I'm now pushing my little (admittedly heavier) boat back towards the smooth waters of vegetables and balanced diets. (With occasional baked-good induced choppy seas.) See that asparagus there? Alas, only the beginning.

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