Friday, March 25, 2011

Linden's Coconut Bread

So months and months ago, I bought some coconut thinking, "I love coconut! Coconut is wonderful! This will get used up in a jiffy." And it has spent months and months in my cabinet (under the sink. for this is the only cabinet I have in my room, and thus many of my bits and bats get put here.  Why yes, this does include my socks and underwear.

I also have a box, entitled the Box of Shame, wherein get put all of the things I have discovered I cannot eat, like chocolate and biscuits and flavored teas and things of this nature. It lurks under my desk.)

However! The things in the Box of Shame shouldn't really be used up by me, but the things in my sink cupboard should. And this week, I thought to myself, it is time to use up this coconut! It has been here for months, and It Must Go.

So in my recipe dredging this week, I kept my eye out for coconut recipes. This one looked quick and easy, which is what I go for during the week, and thus it got done.

Sadly, because I was in a bit of a rush, and have become lackadaisical in baking, I added 1/4 cup too much milk, and didn't realize until I'd mixed everything together and it was a very watery batter. "Self," I thought to myself, "Something is not right!" (Fortunately, I didn't turn into a French nun.) So I added some more flour to balance it back out, but alas this meant my batter got overmixed and proportions weren't quite right, but it turned out okay anyways, as these things so often do.

Now I currently have a problem when I bake, because all my friends have left and there are fewer people to inflict things on. So sometimes, I wander the halls with baked goods in hand, hoping to find some unsuspecting acquaintance to force cookies and breads onto. Last night I got lucky, for my friend Nicole had lured Griff, who hails from my hometown, to the Annexe for dinner and I came upon them in the hallway! And gave them some bread. Which was a relief because their powers combined with my flatmates got it down to a manageable amount.

And now, I am going to clean my desk and get started on work for the day! For I am virtuous like that.

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