Monday, March 21, 2011

Linden's Homemade Oreos, from a while back

So I have been cooking a lot in the last few weeks, but always forget to take pictures. But I also have a lot of pictures from a few months ago that I failed to post up. So while I'm cleaning up my photos folder (um, instead of working on my thesis, which is what should be happening right now) I thought I would begin the task of getting all that old food up here.

So I have a problem with icing recipes. They always make about twice as much icing as goes on whatever it is they're supposed to be icing. I don't know whether this is a fault of how much icing I like to put on things, or how much icing other people like to put on things, or the recipe, but fault lies somewhere, and it means I always have loads of icing left over. On this occasion, I had made a chocolate Victoria sponge for my friend's birthday (apparently maybe this is something that often happens for English birthdays) and iced it with buttercream frosting. After the cake was eaten, I was left with a bowlful of icing to be used up. So, I made homemade oreos. Which were delicious.

Specks in the cookies come, I believe, from me forgetting to add the cocoa until the last minute and failing to mix properly. People tried to eat all the cookies before I could sandwich them, but I managed to just about use up the icing. 


  1. those look delicious, tho they appear more like oatmeal cream pies than oreos.

  2. yes they don't taste entirely like oreos either, but they are full of chocolaty and frostingy goodness.