Friday, April 29, 2011

Xan: Pizza dough variety show

Actually I have been making a lot of pizza dough lately, because it's so versatile.  I like to make a triple batch of dough and freeze most of it for future use.  Here are some things I have made so far:


The simplest possible thing to do with pizza dough is to just fry it in a little olive oil.

Pizza bianca (Italian for Bianca's pizza):

Ooh let's get a close-up on that one:

It's basically just pizza dough treated as bread.  This one is slightly overcooked but I've made at least 3 more of them since they're so easy (and yummy).

Puffed up dough ball thingies:

Mind, I don't actually know how I got this all puffed up, but it was good.

Lemon pizza:
Not bad. It was...interesting.


Didn't get these to properly seal, but they were okay.

Actual pizza: On a couple occasions when we had guests over, we made personal pizzas so everyone could put what they wanted on.  You may notice this fine specimen is considerably rounder than Linden's first attempt:
Catherine's personal pepperoni pizza
But don't worry Lin, it was definitely not my doing.  Here is my cheeseless sacrilege:

Actually I think I have the roundness down by now, but I don't have the pics to prove it.

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