Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Linden: The Good Old Days

I have these pictures from a few weeks ago, when I was still allowed to eat what normal people would call "a healthy varied diet". (Right now, the most exciting bit of variation in my diet is the decision between broccoli and cauliflower.) I made a ricotta and courgette gallete, sprinkled with fresh basil, and it was delicious. I have figured out both my oven and pie crust (I have taken to using the fingers method), and I cleverly brushed some egg yolk on top to make the crust deliciously golden brown.

Now this was also was during the golden weekend when I was not eating anything artificial, and thus baking my own bread. So dinner included my underbaked, soggy version of Xan's no-effort-a-caveman-could-do-it-but-Linden-can't bread.

And, because I didn't want to feed people on pie and bread alone, I threw together a delicious pasta dish with caramelized onions, diced chicken cut small enough that it tends to hide within the shells, any peas or green beans to hand (also cut small), pasta shells, the extra ricotta and basil, and lemon and pepper.

Delicious! On a sidenote, the pasta could probably be done without the ricotta, and it would turn into a lemon-pepper-basil pasta, and it would still be delicious. And, the cheese can be the last thing thrown in, so conceivably you could cook a batch, take out half of it, and then add cheese to the rest. I also suggest throwing some parmesan on top for added deliciousness.

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