Thursday, November 21, 2013

Jenny: English muffins!

Mom sends this photo of her English muffins!

Me wanty!

They look like a cross between American buttermilk biscuits and English muffins, i.e. way better than English muffins.  We need a new name for these.  Biscuimuffins?  Vongsamuffins?

Actually, maybe this is the way English muffins are supposed to be.  I kind of assumed the English muffin was a bad take on a regular American muffin, just like the English doughnut is a bad version of the American donut.  But it could go in reverse.  Maybe Americans can create good foods out of bad English foods.

I am not going to bother checking any of the relevant food history to support my theory. Instead, let us simply agree that, whatever the case may be, this is far better than the alternative where American and English foods get Frenchified.

(Why must everyone french their lamb racks?!?  STOP!  STOP IT!  That stuff is delicious!)

(And toad in the hole definitely should not croak...)

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