Sunday, April 1, 2012

Linden's Really Good Pork Ragu

To continue the recent pattern of big, meaty dinners, here's what we ate last Sunday. (Now that I work a proper job, I don't have time to do long meals on weeknights, so all the delicious slow cooking happens on the weekends.)

Last weekend, we wanted something delicious and meaty, and I've had this in my to-cook folder for months. (I have a long list of meals that require a dutch oven, and since I don't have one of those, and don't actually know what it is, and whether England carries them, they mostly stay there. Now, I have a casserole dish, and I'm making do with that for some of the cheatable ones.)

Personally, I think this is something Xan should cook, because he will like it. It is super, super delicious! Not all that much work, but a long cooking time that makes the whole house smell really, really good. After browning a big hunk of pork in a pan, you stick it in a dish and add some tomatoes, red wine, herbs, and put it in the oven for hours and hours.

It comes out looking like this, and then you shred it, and put it on some delicious pasta.

 Yum yum. Really though, Xan should make this and report back. The original recipe here

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