Sunday, April 1, 2012

Linden's healthy sweet potato and black bean salad

So now to break the trend of unhealthy foods. After a year of not worrying about how much I eat, I've been chubbing up a bit, and have to slim down. So I am, along with the pork ragu, beginning a series of Healthy Lunches that are filling and don't have the Too Much Sugar problem.

So, to start, a sweet potato and black bean salad. (It has the added benefit of being super cheap, although it takes a little while to put together.)

Also, the benefit of being super pretty.

I roast the sweet potatoes, cook the black beans (in my case, from dried), and then throw them in a bowl once slightly cooled. I add some chopped tomato, threw in a handful of chopped cilantro, and squeeze a lime over it. Yum yum.

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