Sunday, August 28, 2011

Xan and Catherine: Monarchs!

Check out these monarch cupcakes!  Their annual fall migration from Canada to Mexico passes straight through our kitchen in Chicago:

Not all will complete the arduous 3000 mile journey.  Many will be eaten along the way, even despite the fact that they are loaded with toxins.  You see, these monarchs sport bright colors to warn would-be predators that they contain milk products.  (Monarch cupcakepillars feed on evil lactose-rich milkweed, toxifying them for life).

Anyway, the butterflies were made by melting "candy melting wafers," using an icing bag to form the wing and antenna shapes, and then resolidifying them for a few minutes in the freezer.  Cool, huh?


  1. very impressive! although I am afraid the bright colors would warn me off as well.

  2. I was thinking about making these! But I didn't because I decided it was too complicated. Bravo.