Sunday, June 26, 2011

Linden's steak and rolls and, and as they say in England, veg, and chocolate!

When I'm at school, I rarely have red meat. (Although in fairness, I did have both chili and tacos last week...) But mostly, my diet consists of chicken, sometimes fish, the occassional pork chop, and wegetables (and sometimes shocking things like lentils, which I acquired a taste for during my days of darkness, when I acquired a taste for almost everything I was allowed to eat.) . And then I wake up one morning and think, enough of this stuff, I want some red meat. Red meat! And then about a week later I actually get around to cooking some.

And sometimes, I miss all the delicious home dinners, so I try and steal one. Here, is steak, caramelized onions, mushrooms, and my own addition of zucchini, and homemade dinner rolls. Here, you see Steak! In the poorly-lit constraints of student living.

 Steak! In the glaring flash-lit overcompensations needed in studetn living..

And then, I made a chocolate volcano for dessert. (So called, by me , because as soon as you dip a spoon into the middle to serve a piece, all this chocolate sauce bubbles up from below.) It's like brownies with their own warm chocolate sauce. Served best with ice cream, although I was ice creamless and thus compensated with strawberries.

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