Saturday, June 25, 2011

Linden's coconut shrimp

I made coconut shrimp.

Because my kitchen is really really not equipped to handle deep frying (and thus, alas, no spring rolls this summer!) I baked them in the oven instead of the traditional deep frying. They were delicious, and they would have been more delicious if England had anything other than dessicated coconut. Nevertheless! Delicious.

You may be thinking, "Linden, this is a sure Xan smackdown! He loves coconut shrimp and has never posted about the on the blog (although who knows, maybe once you post this, he'll dig up five instances of when he did it and have a little maniacal laugh in the corner, because he's not as nice as he fools everyone into thinking, and enjoys crowing like a crow. Why don't you sound more happy?"

It's because I'm going to link the recipe so that he can make them for himself, because I am a loving and devoted little sister.

Also, as requested in the comments, the link to the banana bread cobbler: that's the basic recipe, but I play pretty fast and loose. I think in the filling I subbed in 1/4C rum for 1/4 of milk, and used oil instead of butter. I think I left the topping as it is.

1 comment:

  1. lol.

    sorry about the pizza thingy, but you brought that upon yourself with your egregious mom-misquoting, "they said that I have now beaten Xan, no matter what he cooks."

    no I haven't made shrimpies. (partly because catherine does not like shrimp, claiming they "make her nose tingle")

    thanks for the recipes!