Saturday, February 4, 2012

Linden's Curry Puffs

So I have just finished my intership, and it's time to try and work through a little backlog of cooking I did over the course of it. While I'm trying to progress towards a healthier diet, I often slip a little - right now, I'm really wanting onion rings for some reason...

A few months ago (before christmas) I decided I really wanted curry puffs. So I made my dough (I tried an all-oil crust, which I think I didn't quite do properly, as it was very crumbly and difficult to work with) and made my filling. The cat came to investigate, and I had to shoo him out, because he is very sneaky.

Post-shooing, I rolled out my dough and filled the puffs (they never fit as much filling as I think, and I try to overfill because there's so much filling and so little pie crust), and crimp them closed with a fork.

Pop them in the oven for a while, and...yum yum.

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